28-12-2018: Added BOOM!, Livingstone Supongo, Mouser (マウザー) & Stop The Express (暴走特急SOS) to MSX.
27-12-2018: Added Super Cross Force to MSX.
26-12-2018: Added Gravitica to MSXdev.
20-12-2018: Updated Linez in MSXdev to the final version.
19-12-2018: Supported Tudumu Group from Congo on Kiva
18-12-2018: Added TGame 4 (Tetris Clone) to MSX.
17-12-2018: Supported Margret from Uganda & Luz Dary from Colombia on Kiva
27-11-2018: Added Hibrid & Dynamic Publisher to MSX.
26-11-2018: Added E.A.S.E. & Designer + PLUS + to MSX.
24-11-2018: Added 日本語 (Japanese) & عربى (Arabic) names to the games in the MSX & MSX Arabic sections.
22-11-2018: Supported Editor from Uganda on Kiva
21-11-2018: Added the English translation of Puyo Puyo to MSX.
18-11-2018: Supported Sarmila from Nepal on Kiva
14-11-2018: Added an Arabic MSX section to FILE-HUNTER.COM and simplified the structure of the site.
10-11-2018: Replaced all .GIF files with smaller .PNG files on FILE-HUNTER.COM and ARNAUDDEKLERK.COM & corrected 301 redirects.
01-11-2018: Added Shoulder Blade OVERDRIVE to MSXdev.
01-11-2018: Translated & added Titanic to MSX.
29-10-2018: Added Any Treasure Day to MSXdev.
28-10-2018: Added Chibi Akumas to MSX.
27-10-2018: Supported Enity from Zimbabwe on Kiva
27-10-2018: Added Bumper Ship Racing to MSXdev.
26-10-2018: Added Linez to MSXdev.
22-10-2018: Eggbert's successor is part of The Dutch Game Canon.
18-10-2018: Added Snake It to MSX.
18-10-2018: now has SSL certification and IPv6.
18-10-2018: Supported Jelem from Honduras on Kiva
12-10-2018: Updated Profile on Moby Games.
10-10-2018: Updated the FONY Profile on YouTube.
06-10-2018: Updated LinkedIn Profile.
01-10-2018: Registered