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Arnaud de Klerk

Find out all about me: Jobs, education, hobbies & skills. Discover who I am and what can I bring to you and your organisation. More or less my curriculum vitae.

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My professional profile on the LinkedIn Website. If you need Industrial/Embedded PC's/Networking Products or other industrial electronics:
Feel free to contact me.

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I have a personal profile on Facebook for people who know me In Real Life.
For MSX related matters you can like's MSX page on Facebook & contact me!

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Yes, I am on twitter, but mainly use it for my MSX Website. But feel free to follow me and who knows what will happen! It's also the easiest way to contact me.

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Microcredit is a great way to share our wealth with those less fortunate and to help them to make a better future for themselves. Don't be selfish and share your wealth!

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Arnaud's Solar

Have a look on PVoutput to see the live & historical stats of my Solar Panels. And maybe help save the environment and get your own!


18-10-2021: Temporarily switched off http/2 support on all domains.
17-10-2021: Supported Maria Alexandra from Ecuador on Kiva.
16-10-2021: There are still some issues with the webserver software. Pease bear with us. If we're down, please retry at a later moment.
15-10-2021: Testing new Beta Server Software to see if we can get rid of some time-outs.
14-10-2021: Please also come visit the MSX Fair in Nijmegen this Saturday!
12-10-2021: Added almost 800 .DSK images to
07-10-2021: updated with some more links.
06-10-2021: Set-up as a commuinity effort to sort out dumped disks.
06-10-2021: Upgraded webserver software. Fixed ACME bot error & some time-outs (Hopefully)
05-10-2021: Updated the MSX Android App to allow media-changes.
05-10-2021: Forwarded to her LinkedIn Profile.
05-10-2021: Added Bomberman 2 to the Homebrew Section.
05-10-2021: Added Alien 8 Remake to the Homebrew Section.
03-10-2021: Updated Real Fun 3 to v0.76.
03-10-2021: Added Cross Horde to the Homebrew Section.
24-09-2021: Added King's Valley to the Amiga Section.
22-09-2021: Added Westen House to the Homebrew Section.
21-09-2021: Squashed some 404's!
20-09-2021: Added Playthroughs of Pink Sox & Peach up to MP83's site.
20-09-2021: Increased number of concurrent streams in HTTP/2 mode.
19-09-2021: Added The Fall of Prometheus to the Homebrew Section.
19-09-2021: Supported Kenia Marisol from Ecuador on Kiva.
19-09-2021: Supported Johana Belen from Ecuador on Kiva.
19-09-2021: Added a lot of Level 9 Computing Titles to the MSX1 .CAS Section.