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Find out all about me: Jobs, education, hobbies & skills. Discover who I am and what can I bring to you and your organisation. More or less my curriculum vitae.

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My professional profile on the LinkedIn Website. If you need Industrial/Embedded PC's/Networking Products or other industrial electronics:
Feel free to contact me.

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I have a personal profile on Facebook for people who know me In Real Life.
For MSX related matters you can like's MSX page on Facebook & contact me!

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Yes, I am on twitter, but mainly use it for my MSX Website. But feel free to follow me and who knows what will happen! It's also the easiest way to contact me.

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Microcredit is a great way to share our wealth with those less fortunate and to help them to make a better future for themselves. Don't be selfish and share your wealth!

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Have a look on PVoutput to see the live & historical stats of my Solar Panels. And maybe help save the environment and get your own!


24-01-2022: Updated Audio Flashjacks.
22-01-2022: Updated Realfun 3 to v0.87.
21-01-2022: Guess who's got a complete MSX setup on his desk again?
19-01-2022: Supported Mercedes Alexandra from Ecuador on Kiva.
19-01-2022: Supported Nancy Rocio from Ecuador on Kiva.
19-01-2022: Supported Ubilda Iralda from Ecuador on Kiva.
16-01-2022: Updated the Amiga version of Konami's Knightmarein the Amiga Section.
13-01-2022: Updated the Turrican MSX Port (W.I.P.) to v3.
12-01-2022: Added Star Force Enhanced with smoothscroll to the MSX Section.
11-01-2022: Added the Amiga version of Konami's Knightmare to the Amiga Section.
09-01-2022: Added 12 editions of MFZ Disk Magazine.
07-01-2022: Updated SymbOS V3.1 with v9990 Support.
04-01-2022: You can now play ALL Level 9 Computing Adventures online HERE.
03-01-2022: Updated SymbOS to v3.1 in the SymbOS Download section.
02-01-2022: Added Super Doors / Busy Rainy Day to the Games/MSX1/CAS Section.
01-01-2022: The Best wishes for 2022!!
30-12-2021: Added Pleasure Hearts - English to the MSX Section.
29-12-2021: Added a 3rd EasterEgg & demo to Happy Hunting.
28-12-2021: Applied 2022 notices on the various website (configurations).
28-12-2021: BIOS upgrade Server. Sorry for the downtime!
25-12-2021: The ultimate X-mas present: Turrican MSX Port (W.I.P.) for you to play online!