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Arnaud de Klerk

Find out all about me: jobs, education, hobbies & skills. Discover who I am and what can I bring to you and your organisation as an experienced Product & Account Manager. More or less my curriculum vitae.

My LinkedIn Profile


My professional profile on LinkedIn Website. If you need Industrial / Embedded PC's / Networking products or other industrial / rugged electronics:

Please feel free to contact me.

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I have a personal profile on Facebook for people who know me In Real Life.

For MSX related matters you can like File-Hunter.com's MSX page on Facebook & contact me!

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Yes, I am on X, formerly known as Twitter, but mainly use it for my MSX Website. But feel free to follow me and who knows what will happen! It's also the easiest way to contact me.


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Microcredit is a great way to share our wealth with those less fortunate and to help them to make a better future for themselves.

Don't be selfish and share your wealth!

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Arnaud's Solar

Have a look on PVoutput to see the live & historical stats of my Solar Panels.

And maybe help save the environment and get your own!

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18-02-2024Supported Kadjogbe from Togo on Kiva.
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15-02-2024Added a review for Bella Milano.
11-02-2024Added various new educational software to the Arabic Section.
09-02-2024Added a review for De blauwe Camer.
04-02-2024Hosting a mirror of Okei's HP.
04-02-2024Fixed & Updated Puzzle Mania to v1.02.
30-01-2024Puzzle Mania is now featured on Moby Games.
29-01-2024Updated Phenix Corrupta to the full version.
28-01-2024Published: BetterMSX - Preferred.
26-01-2024Someone saw Abraham today.
24-01-2024Updated Turrican in the Homebrew Section.