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Arnaud de Klerk

Find out all about me: Jobs, education, hobbies & skills. Discover who I am and what can I bring to you and your organisation. More or less my curriculum vitae.

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My professional profile on the LinkedIn Website. If you need Industrial/Embedded PC's or other industrial electronics:
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I have a personal profile on Facebook for people who know me In Real Life.
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Yes, I am on twitter, but mainly use it for my MSX Website. But feel free to follow me and who knows what will happen! It's also the easiest way to contact me.

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Microcredit is a great way to share our wealth with those less fortunate and to help them to make a better future for themselves. Don't be selfish and share your wealth!

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Have a look on PVoutput to see the live & historical stats of my Solar Panels. And maybe help save the environment and get your own!

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23-07-2021: 5 Year anniversary of's return to the MSX Scene
18-07-2021: Supported Maria Jaqueline from Jipijapa, Ecuador on Kiva.
16-07-2021: Added Logic Remastered to the MSXDev Section.
16-07-2021: Updated the Nogalious Demo version to the Full Version.
15-07-2021: Uplink upgraded to 1gbit/s.
10-07-2021: Added S.o.L.o. to the MSXDev Section.
08-07-2021: Added Ghost House | 妖怪屋敷 Graphic Patch to the MSX Section.
07-07-2021: Extension of our FONY worldwide section.
06-07-2021: Added Stop the NS to the MSX Section.
06-07-2021: Updated webserver software.
05-07-2021: passsed the 80GByte mark!
04-07-2021: Added Raven to the MSXDev Section.
03-07-2021: Small lay-out update.
01-07-2021: Updated profile & added reviews at
26-06-2021: Added Iligks Episode One - Theseus | テセウス to the MSX Section.
26-05-2021: Added Mountain Soft Disk Magazines to the Download Section.
25-06-2021: Added Salamander Extra Weapons to the MSX Section.