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Microcredit is a great way to share our wealth with those less fortunate and to help them to make a better future for themselves. Don't be selfish and share your wealth!

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Fony MSX Legacy

All the cool, funny & impressive stuff FONY has made for our beloved 8-BIT system in the 80's & 90's. All games & demos are free to download, play, use & watch.

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Arnaud's Solar

Have a look on PVoutput to see the live & historical stats of my Solar Panels. And maybe help save the environment and get your own!

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Yes, I am on twitter, but I don't use it that much. But feel free to follow me and who knows what will happen! It's also the easiest way to contact me.

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10-08-2020: Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.5.
09-08-2020: Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.4.
07-08-2020: Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.3.
03-08-2020: Updated the MSX Android App to v7.3.1.2.
02-08-2020: Published the Top Played Games July 2020.
02-08-2020: Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.2.
30-07-2020: Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.1.
30-07-2020: Updated Abbaye Des Morts to v1.2.
30-07-2020: Updated Pacific to v1.2.0.
29-07-2020: Added Anchors Aweigh! to the MSXdev section.
29-07-2020: Updated Witch Day to v1.1.
29-07-2020: Updated Block Puzzle to v1.2.
29-07-2020: Updated Pacific to v1.1.0.
29-07-2020: Added Freedom Fighter to the MSXdev section.
28-07-2020: Added Pacific to the MSXdev section.
28-07-2020: Added Abbaye Des Morts to the MSXdev section.
28-07-2020: Updated Raftoid to v1.1.
28-07-2020: Updated Block Puzzle to v1.1.
28-07-2020: Updated Relevo's Snowboarding to v1.01.
26-07-2020: Updated Block Puzzle to v1.1.
24-07-2020: Added Witch Day to the MSXdev section.
22-07-2020: Added SPC Super HOOPS to the MSXdev section.
22-07-2020: Added Block Puzzle to the MSXdev section.
21-07-2020: Updated Raftoid to the ROM version.
20-07-2020: Updated The Menace from Triton to v1.1.
19-07-2020: Added Relevo's Snowboarding to the MSXdev section.
19-07-2020: Updated Google Play registration for the MSX Android App.
18-07-2020: Added Raftoid to the MSXdev section.
18-07-2020: Added Cuncuna to the MSXdev section.
16-07-2020: Added Caravan Boomer to the homebrew section.
16-07-2020: My MSX Android App made it to a Russian 8-BIT newssite.
16-07-2020: Updated The Menace from Triton to v1.0.2.
15-07-2020: Added Stupid Martians to the MSXdev section.
14-07-2020: Updated The Menace from Triton to v1.0.1.
13-07-2020: Added The Menace from Triton to the MSXdev section.
13-07-2020: Updated the MSX Android App to v6.3.1.2.
12-07-2020: Updated Golvellius II to the WOOMB translation.
11-07-2020: Added Litter Box to the MSXdev section.
11-07-2020: Updated Dot Attack to v2.