2022 Website Updates

31-12-2022Updated /\O[] | T.C.Q. to v1.1 in the Homebrew Section.
30-12-2022Added 100+ new games to the TSX Section.
30-12-2022Updated Auto Mania to v2 in the MSXDev section.
29-12-2022Updated the Fony Worldwide page.
28-12-2022Added 24 new games to the TSX Section.
27-12-2022Magnet Link for the new Torrent.
27-12-2022Updated Turrican in the Homebrew section.
20-12-2022You can download the new Bi-Yearly BitTorrent update HERE.
18-12-2022Supported Alizeta from Burkina Faso on Kiva.
18-12-2022Added Tape Login MSX Game Book | 別冊テープログインMSX GAME BOOK to the Download Section.
17-12-2022Supported Gabriela Elizabeth from El Salvador on Kiva.
17-12-2022Supported Maria Emilia from Ecuador on Kiva.
17-12-2022Added a Twittercard & minified some more Javascripts.
17-12-2022Added a Microdata according to the schema.org specs.
17-12-2022Did a bit more SEO on www.arnauddeklerk.com and fixed some small errors.
16-12-2022Supported Maria Julima from Ecuador on Kiva.
15-12-2022Defered loading Javascripts to eliminate render-blocking resources.
15-12-2022Small updates to the about section.
15-12-2022Fixed an error on the Arnaud de Klerk Linking Page.
09-12-2022Started a Discord server for File-Hunter.com.
08-12-2022Updated Router Firmware & Upgraded the Firewall.
30-11-2022Added 2022 FIFA World Cup | كأس العالم لكرة القدم 2022 to the Arabic Section.
27-11-2022Updated the Arnaud de Klerk Linking Page.
22-11-2022Updated WebMSX to v6.04 in the various online gaming sections.
18-11-2022Supported Alba Fabiola from Nicaragua on Kiva.
18-11-2022Supported Jennifer Belen from Ecuador on Kiva.
17-11-2022Added Ghostly Manor to the Homebrew section.
16-11-2022Added new VGM Packs to the Download Section.
16-11-2022Added Open Graph Meta Tags to the Fony Section.
16-11-2022Added High Quality videos of Fony demos to Youtube.
16-11-2022Added High Quality videos of Fony demos to the Fony Section.
13-11-2022Updated the colorscheme in the Dark Mode to match the menu.
13-11-2022Added a basic Dark Mode to the pages with Playable games on File-Hunter.com.
12-11-2022Updated Turrican in the Homebrew section.
11-11-2022Resolved IPv6 issues & Blocked MJ12bot.
10-11-2022Added Paco Time Attack to the Homebrew section.
08-11-2022Added Fuzzy Logic SCC Musix Dizk #1 2022 Re-release to the Homebrew Section.
06-11-2022Added a hidden Puzzle Egg Demo to the MSX & Homebrew section.
06-11-2022Updated msx.org profile.
05-11-2022Updated the Joystick & Muizen section at https://repairbas.file-hunter.com/.
05-11-2022Updated Diced Tournament to v1.12.
05-11-2022Fixed some small errors on https://repairbas.file-hunter.com/.
03-11-2022Updated Lilly's Saga - The Stones Of Evergreen to v1.1.
01-11-2022Set up a Google Play Developer page.
01-11-2022New Youtube URL/Handle: https://www.youtube.com/@ArnauddeKlerk.
28-10-2022Updated MSX Games File-Hunter.com Android App to v
28-10-2022Updated MSX Games File-Hunter.com Android App to App Bundle and target API level 31.
26-10-2022Updated server OS.
23-10-2022Added a review for De Wachter.
21-10-2022Updated Final Fantasy English by FCC to v.16-10-2022.
21-10-2022Supported Norma Noeni from Ecuador on Kiva.
18-10-2022Supported Janeth De Los Angeles from Ecuador on Kiva.
18-10-2022Supported Henny Katiuska from Ecuador on Kiva.
16-10-2022Made a transparant background for my Arnaud de Klerk logo photo.
16-10-2022Updated Realfun 3 to v0.81.
16-10-2022Lay-out updated for File-Hunter.com for better SEO.
13-10-2022Made some small updates to repairbas.file-hunter.com.
12-10-2022Added a review for Restaurant Chocolat.
08-10-2022Added the MSXDev'22 Games to the Download Section.
06-10-2022Supported Carolanne Briggie from Ecuador on Kiva.
05-10-2022Now also hosting repairbas.file-hunter.com & bas-ditta.info.
03-10-2022Added a review for Restaurant De Lindehof.
02-10-2022Added some Russian Educational software to the Download Section.
01-10-2022Donated Prize Money to MSXDev'22 from the Donations to File-Hunter.com.
01-10-2022Added The Circus Mystery to the MSXDev Section.
01-10-2022Added Lilly's Saga - The Stones Of Evergreen to the MSXDev Section.
01-10-2022Added 1937 to the MSXDev Section.
01-10-2022Added The Tower Of Gold to the MSXDev Section.
01-10-2022Added MSXmas 21/22 to the MSXDev Section.
30-09-2022Added Balloon Buster to the MSXDev Section.
30-09-2022Added Diced Tournament to the MSXDev Section.
28-09-2022Added My Sacred Place to the MSXDev Section.
28-09-2022Added Sacred Valley to the MSXDev Section.
26-09-2022Added Penguin Catcher to the MSXDev Section.
25-09-2022Added a review for Restaurant Uijttewaal.
25-09-2022Added Shadow of the Pig to the MSXDev Section.
24-09-2022Supported Yuleidy Asuncion from Ecuador on Kiva.
24-09-2022Supported Evelyn Ginger from Ecuador on Kiva.
22-09-2022Added Bounce Mania to the MSXDev Section.
21-09-2022Updated Sales Discontinued to build 13622.
20-09-2022Added MSX Light to the MSXDev Section.
19-09-2022Added all NOP software/games/demos to the Download Section.
19-09-2022Added Sales Discontinued to the MSXDev Section.
19-09-2022Added new Dutch MSX Books to the Download Section.
15-09-2022Added Muhonmourn 3 to the MSXDev Section.
11-09-2022Added Black Sea Treasure Hunters to the Homebrew Section.
09-09-2022Updated Memory to v1.1.
06-09-2022Added Spacecat to the MSXDev Section.
01-09-2022Added Bufonada to the MSXDev Section.
01-09-2022Added a Puzzle Section to File-Hunter.com.
30-08-2022Added a new set of BASIC listings.
27-08-2022Added Miyuki Memorial to the Download Section.
27-08-2022Added Memory to the MSXDev Section.
23-08-2022Added Penguin Run to the MSXDev Section.
22-08-2022Added Open Graphics metadata to www.file-hunter.com.
21-08-2022Added the English translation of Final Fantasy by FCC to the MSX Section.
19-08-2022Added a new set of BASIC listings by Jeroen Derwort.
18-08-2022Supported Patricia Jessenia from Ecuador on Kiva.
17-08-2022Supported Veronica Alexandra from Ecuador on Kiva.
16-08-2022Added Automania to the MSXDev Section.
05-08-2022Added a bug-report for OpenMSX on Github.
05-08-2022Gave the font mime-type an expire time of 365 for caching.
05-08-2022Found some new links/profiles to add to the Links Section.
04-08-2022Removed document.write to improve HTML structure & loading times.
03-08-2022Using Javascript to determine the current year for the footer.
03-08-2022Fixed URL's in the sitemap.xml.
03-08-2022Updated the Donation page.
02-08-2022Fixed Double Dragon Plus.
31-07-2022Added Robo Rumble to the MSXDev Section.
30-07-2022A lot of new (MCWF) software at download.file-hunter.com. Please check the Update Log. Thanks to Bas Kornalijnslijper!
30-07-2022Updated the Server Software to v2.16.4.
29-07-2022Forced www. on arnauddeklerk.com & file-hunter.com.
29-07-2022Repaired a few smaller issues with the help of AHREF's site audit.
29-07-2022added a few Emulators" to the Download section.
24-07-2022Added a review for Restaurant Kasteel Heemstede.
22-07-2022Fixed Broken links in the MSX Repository.
20-07-2022Supported Katherine Lilibeth from Ecuador on Kiva.
20-07-2022Supported Rosa Angela from Ecuador on Kiva.
20-07-2022Added the option to become a donator.
16-07-2022Added a review for Restaurant Vista.
13-07-2022Added Devwill Too by Amaweks for you to play online!
12-07-2022Added T.C.Q. by Amaweks for you to play online!
12-07-2022Added NEW MSX 1 CAS Files.
11-07-2022Now also hosting bas.file-hunter.com with files from Bas Kornalijnslijper.
09-07-2022Added a review for Restaurant Zout & Citroen.
06-07-2022Added "Lazy Loading" & removed Google Fonts on file-hunter.com main domain.
05-07-2022Updated the Arabic Section with more Arabic texts.
05-07-2022arnauddeklerk.com is now completely W3C compliant. Also Google fonts have been removed.
05-07-2022Updated Mix to v1.2.
04-07-2022Introduced "Lazy Loading", moved fonts locally & deferred loading of .js on homebrew.file-hunter.com.
03-07-2022Added a new Diskmagazine: MSX Doujin World to the download section.
01-07-2022Supported Karen Yamileth from Honduras on Kiva.
30-06-2022Added the path information to the lay-out of download.file-hunter.com.
30-06-2022Added BASIC Listing to the CUC BASIC Listing section.
27-06-2022Updated Realfun 3 to v0.79.
26-06-2022Updated Mine Finder | Campo Mina to v1.2 and activated the mouse.
25-06-2022Created a new Torrent File for download.file-hunter.com.
24-06-2022Added all the year 2000 editions to the NV Magazines section.
24-06-2022Updated allfiles.txt for download.file-hunter.com.
24-06-2022Updated SHA-1 checksum-file for download.file-hunter.com.
22-06-2022Added a review for Restaurant Bij de Nonnen.
19-06-2022Supported Ana from Mozambique on Kiva.
18-06-2022Supported Johanna Monserrate from Jaramijo, Ecuador on Kiva.
18-06-2022Supported Teresa Katherine from Ecuador on Kiva.
12-06-2022Updated Wash Man to v1.3.
09-06-2022Added Microrocketz to the MSXDev Section.
08-06-2022Added new System Disks to the MSX Systems Disks Section.
06-06-2022New additions to the MSX1 Games .CAS section.
06-06-2022Added a MSX Systems Disks Section to the Download Section.
05-06-2022Added a lot of C.U.C. Magazines.
05-06-2022Added Gyrodine to the MSX Section.
05-06-2022Added Tetris to the MSX Section.
05-06-2022Added 2 games by Hiromasa Tanaka to the MSX1 ROM Download Section.
05-06-2022Added the Sony Easy Telopper Manual to the Download Section.
01-06-2022Updated Freedom Fighter to the Full Version.
31-05-2022Added the Easy Telopper & Worship software disks to the Download Section.
26-05-2022Added a review for Restaurant Wolfslaar.
19-05-2022Added issues to XSW Magazine.
19-05-2022Added issues to C.U.C. Magazine.
19-05-2022Added issues to XSW Info Blad.
19-05-2022Added issues to MSX World Wide Magazine.
19-05-2022Supported Gilda Xiomara from Ecuador on Kiva.
19-05-2022Supported Genesis Paola from Costa Rica on Kiva.
15-05-2022Added a PSG Mixer to the Homebrew Section.
12-05-2022Added some MSX ProTracker music I made in the early '90s to My Youtube channel.
10-05-2022Added Mine Finder | Campo Mina to the MSXDev Section.
09-05-2022Added a bunch of M.I.A.'s from Hudson Soft to the Download Section.
08-05-2022Started an Update Log for the Download Section.
07-05-2022Updated Maze of Galious MSX2 to v1.04.
06-05-2022Updated Mix to v1.1.
06-05-2022Reconfigured mail for www.arnauddeklerk.com & www.file-hunter.com.
05-05-2022Fixed bug in the Android File-Hunter.com MSX Games App.
04-05-2022Added Eggbert V9990 to the Fony Section.
03-05-2022Updated Maze of Galious MSX2 to v1.03.
26-04-2022Updated Maze of Galious MSX2 to v1.02.
25-04-2022Added Maze of Galious MSX2 to the MSX Section.
24-04-2022Added Mix to the MSXDev Section.
24-04-2022Updated Singular Stone to a HDD & TR Version.
23-04-2022Added a review for Restaurant 1857.
23-04-2022Added Singular Stone to the Homebrew section.
20-04-2022Supported Alexandra Paola from Ecuador on Kiva.
19-04-2022Added all the Gals Quest versions to the Download Section.
17-04-2022Supported Rosa Magdalena from Ecuador on Kiva.
13-04-2022Updated Cryptogram to v1.1.
09-04-2022Updated Defence to v1.2.
09-04-2022Updated Randoom to v1.1.
08-04-2022Supported Joselyn Auxiliadora from Nicaragua on Kiva.
06-04-2022Now hosting the Birdy News & Pink Sox Laserdics for bas-ditta.info.
02-04-2022Added the Amiga version of Konami's Scramble to the Amiga Section.
02-04-2022Added Randoom to the MSXDev Section.
01-04-2022Feature Story about a project I am involved in with Digi and Managed Machine Network.
27-03-2022Added a review for Restaurant Sjef's Table.
25-03-2022Added Storm Rescue to the Homebrew Section.
22-03-2022Updated the MSX Full System ROM Set for OpenMSX.
20-03-2022Supported Esther from Kenya on Kiva.
20-03-2022Supported Priscila Merilin from Ecuador on Kiva.
20-03-2022Updated Wörd! to v1.1.
19-03-2022Added Blastoid to the MSXDev Section.
18-03-2022Added the L'Affaire in Italian to the MSX Section.
16-03-2022Added Cryptogram to the MSXDev Section.
15-03-2022Added the L'Affaire Japanese (ラ・フェール~失われた時を求めて~) to the MSX Section.
14-03-2022Updated Wash Man to v1.2.
12-03-2022Added Wash Man to the MSXDev Section.
12-03-2022Updated Defence to v1.1.
12-03-2022Updated Popeye to the most recent version.
08-03-2022Updated Safari Kids to v1.1.
07-03-2022Added the Dutch, Swedish & Spanish versions of Wörd!.
04-03-2022Added Defence to the MSXDev Section.
04-03-2022Added Safari Kids to the MSXDev Section.
01-03-2022Added Wörd! to the MSXDev Section.
24-02-2022Added Shadow Switcher to the MSXDev Section.
20-02-2022Small updates to Shooting Stars 2022 & uploaded a Youtube video.
17-02-2022Supported Silvia Dinora from El Salvador on Kiva.
16-02-2022Added a review for Restaurant Mijn Keuken.
11-02-2022Security updates installed on the webserver.
08-02-2022Added sine wave stars to Shooting Stars 2022.
05-02-2022Supported Courtney from Luxury Girls LLC in DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES on Kiva.
02-02-2022Updated the Turrican MSX Port (W.I.P.) to v4.
02-02-2022Started working on Shooting Stars 2022. More info HERE.
30-01-2022Added Green Beret to the Amiga Section.
30-01-2022Updated the Level 9 games: PLAY & DOWNLOAD.
28-01-2022Compressed Arnaud-Logo a bit further and saved 22KByte.
28-01-2022Added a Powered by Abyss" logo to the site.
27-01-2022Added Foryster to the Homebrew section.
27-01-2022Updated Star Force Enhanced to v0.3.
24-01-2022Updated Audio Flashjacks.
22-01-2022Updated Realfun 3 to v0.78.
21-01-2022Guess who's got a complete MSX setup on his desk again?
19-01-2022Supported Mercedes Alexandra from Ecuador on Kiva.
19-01-2022Supported Nancy Rocio from Ecuador on Kiva.
19-01-2022Supported Ubilda Iralda from Ecuador on Kiva.
16-01-2022Updated the Amiga version of Konami's Knightmare in the Amiga Section.
13-01-2022Updated the Turrican MSX Port (W.I.P.) to v3.
12-01-2022Added Star Force Enhanced with smoothscroll to the MSX Section.
11-01-2022Added the Amiga version of Konami's Knightmare to the Amiga Section.
09-01-2022Added 12 editions of MFZ Disk Magazine.
07-01-2022Updated SymbOS V3.1 with v9990 Support.
04-01-2022You can now play ALL Level 9 Computing Adventures online HERE.
03-01-2022Updated SymbOS to v3.1 in the SymbOS Download section.
02-01-2022Added Super Doors / Busy Rainy Day to the Games/MSX1/CAS Section.
01-01-2022The Best wishes for 2022!!