2023 - an MSX Year!

2023 has been a very very interesting year for the MSX system. We've had another fantastic episode of MSXdev with some fantastic entries.I need to give a very big "thank you" to the organizers, contestants & sponsors.
We also had the fantastic MSX GOTO 40 Event in Amsterdam where Mr. Nishi showed us a glimpse of the future of MSX in his eyes. And of course we cannot forget the music we had on stage from TECHNOuchi, Level Up & Tadahiro Nitta.
And... of course we have some great stuff coming our way like Usas -A tale of Shiroki and Kuroki-

Whoever said MSX was dead???

Arnaud de Klerk MSX 2023

My personal MSX year:

2023 also was a very interesting personally, but still MSX Related:

* The release of Puzzle Mania.
* Getting to know Giuseppe Ettore Pintus during MSX GOTO 40. One of the friendliest MSX-ers I know. And he loves cats too!
* Finally getting a CRT for my MSX, thanks to Bas Kornalijnslijper.
* Selling over 300 (!!!) MSX USB sticks.
* New lay-out for File-Hunter.com & Arnauddeklerk.com.
* Passing 64.000 (!!!) installs of File-Hunter.com MSX Android app.

Stephanie de Klerk Stephanie de Klerk

My personal year...

2023 was a very very mixed year for me. My health giving me a few issues here and there. The death of my father after a long, VERY long sickbed. On the other hand a daughter who is doing great at university and being married for 25 years to Stephanie de Klerk, my fantastic wife.
And of course we cannot forget all the fantastic culinary experiences we had in 2023.

2023... A year to remember & A year to forget.
2024... Here we come!!!