31-12-2019: Updated lay-out of the menu in the MSX section.
30-12-2019: Opened an issue for WebMSX at
24-12-2019: Added Yazzie to the MSX section.
23-12-2019: Blocked the idiots of and blocked them as a refferer ar server level. They were stealing our bandwith and offering our games for money!
22-12-2019: Added 13 years of BITS Magazine to
22-12-2019: Updated Stray Cat from MSXDev'09 to the MSX2+ version.
18-12-2019: Supported Comfort from Suhum, Ghana on Kiva.
16-12-2019: Supported Cerapio from Lima, Peru on Kiva.
16-12-2019: Supported Abdul-Rahman from Jerusalem, Palestine on Kiva.
12-12-2019: Updated Snatcher | スナッチャー English to a HDD Version.
10-12-2019: Supported Miriam from Nyeri, Kenya on Kiva.
08-12-2019: Added Brick Breaker Santa Demo to the MSX section.
04-12-2019: Supported Fanny María from Rivas, Nicaragua on Kiva.
28-11-2019: Added Uchüsen Gamma to the MSX section.
19-11-2019: Updated MSX Tosec to v2012-04-15.
18-11-2019: Supported Mary from Nyeri, Kenya on Kiva.
15-11-2019: Updated SHMUP Mini Games to v151119.
14-11-2019: Updated Micro Music to v3.2.
07-11-2019: Added Project Melancholia Translation of SD Snatcher | SDスナッチャー to the MSX section.
01-11-2019: Added Sakhr Files | ملفات صخر to the Arabic MSX section.
31-10-2019: Supported Loy from Rubaga, Uganda on Kiva.
31-10-2019: Added SHMUP Mini Games to the MSX section.
26-10-2019: Added Information Race | تنافس المعلومات to the Arabic MSX section.
21-10-2019: Supported Lisseth Nohemi from Managua, Nicaragua on Kiva.
17-10-2019: Supported Patricia Fenosoa from Antananarivo, Madagascar on Kiva.
16-10-2019: Moved various archives to
16-10-2019: Made a Torrent for the complete archive of
15-10-2019: Added Raid On Bungeling Bay | バンゲリングベイ to the MSX section.
14-10-2019: Added a IP ban-filter to in case of hammering.
08-10-2019: Added various sections to
04-10-2019: Soft-Launch of, the MSX Download Library.
02-10-2019: Supported Ana Laura from San Pedro,Cajón,Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica on Kiva.
29-09-2019: Minor cosmetic changes on
25-09-2019: Minor updates to the Arabic MSX section.
20-09-2019: Updated the English version of Red Lights of Amsterdam with a slideshow & full pictureset.
17-09-2019: Supported Silvia Virginia from Manta, Ecuador on Kiva.
13-09-2019: received a record of over 3000 visitors in the last 2 days!
11-09-2019: Supported Erika Karina from El Transito, El Salvador on Kiva.
08-09-2019: Added a bunch of requested games to the MSX section.
07-09-2019: Minor lay-out update for
05-09-2019: Updated the Scripted Amiga Emulator to the most recent version.
04-09-2019: Added Slam Tilt to the AMIGA section.
02-09-2019: Lady DarkBite has released a new video on Youtube about her MSX Adventures!
01-09-2019: Added Fiendish Freddy Big Top O'Fun to the AMIGA section.
29-08-2019: Added Goody to the MSX section.
27-08-2019: Updated Fony WorldWide.
26-08-2019: Added the MSX2+ Beppin Disk to the MSX section.
26-08-2019: turned 20 today. Join the festivities HERE.
24-08-2019: Fixed vieport problems on Tosec MSX Archive & the MCM/MCCM (MSX Computer Magazine & MSX Computer Club Magazine) Archive.
23-08-2019: Added Los Amores de Brunilda by Retroworks to the MSX section.
19-08-2019: Changed some games from PAL (50Hz) to NTSC (60Hz).
18-08-2019: Supported Nellis from Soledad-Atlantico, Colombia on Kiva.
17-08-2019: Supported Sarah from Bwera, Uganda on Kiva.
17-08-2019: Added a countdown to our Facebook Page for 26-08-2019.
16-08-2019: Removed a test-script which I accidentally left in the menu of the Arabic MSX section.
12-08-2019: Added Rune Master | ルーンマスター I, II & III to the MSX section.
11-08-2019: Moved & to a faster server with more space.
10-08-2019: Added headers & footers for the Tosec MSX Archive & MCM/MCCM (MSX Computer Magazine & MSX Computer Club Magazine) Archive.
07-08-2019: Cropped the remaining pictures in the MSXdev Section.
03-08-2019: Updated Space Manbow with the GDX TurboFix.
31-07-2019: Added Manic Miner & Jet Set Willy 2 to the MSX section.
31-07-2019: Added Lady Darkbite's programming adventure called Bloody Mary to the MSX section.
30-07-2019: Follow 9 year old Lady Darkbite's first steps in MSX BASIC on her YouTube Channel!
30-07-2019: Added Space Crusade & Hero Quest II to the AMIGA section.
24-07-2019: Added Nohzdyve from Bandersnatch to the MSX section.
22-07-2019: Supported Carene from Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti on Kiva.
17-07-2019: Supported Marie Ketia from Leogane, Haiti on Kiva.
10-07-2019: Added A-1 Spirit (A-1スピリット) to the MSX section.
10-07-2019: Updated WebMSX to V5.4.0
09-07-2019: Added some missing files to the Funet/MSXARCHIVE Mirror.
09-07-2019: Restored the manuals in the Yamaha CX5M Archive Software Section.
08-07-2019: Restored a lot of links in the Yamaha CX5M Archive.
08-07-2019: is now hosting the MCM/MCCM (MSX Computer Magazine & MSX Computer Club Magazine) Archive
07-07-2019: is now hosting an Yamaha CX5M Archive.
06-07-2019: is now hosting an Tosec MSX Archive.
05-07-2019: Removed the 2nd version of the MEP-Mirror from the Funet/MSXARCHIVE Mirror.
03-07-2019: is now hosting an Funet/MSXARCHIVE Mirror.
26-06-2019: Replaced Fony DemoDisk #1 (FDD1) in the FONY section, now with improved SCC detection.
18-06-2019: Supported Edita from Uganda on Kiva.
17-06-2019: Supported Mary from Togo & Edith from Zimbabwe on Kiva.
09-06-2019: Created a new .png image for the State-File.
09-06-2019: Created new custom State-File for WebMSX to boot with in the MSX section.
07-06-2019: Updated WebMSX to V5.3.4
03-06-2019: Fixed some broken links in the MSX & ARABIC MSX section.
02-06-2019: Changed WMSX.AUTO_POWER_ON_DELAY to 0 to make WebMSX boot faster.
02-06-2019: Set the Al Alamiah AX-370 as standard machine for the ARABIC MSX section.
02-06-2019: Updated WebMSX to V5.3.3
01-06-2019: Supported Noeli from Burkina Faso on Kiva,
01-06-2019: Added Sex Bomb Bunny (DEMO) to the MSX section.
31-05-2019: Updated WebMSX to V5.3.1
30-05-2019: Corrected the link to Learn Sakhr Basic | تعلم بيسيك.
23-05-2019: Updated Meta Tags for the ARABIC MSX section.
21-05-2019: Updated TGame 4 (Tetris Clone) in the MSX section.
18-05-2019: Supported Cinthia Paola from Rivas, Nicaragua on Kiva.
17-05-2019: Updated Night Knight to V1.02 in the MSX section.
14-05-2019: Added Night Knight to the MSX section.
13-05-2019: A new record: a 48,2kWh today from my Solar Panels.
12-05-2019: Just renewed & for another 10 years.
11-05-2019: Added Rodman to the MSX section.
07-05-2019: Added Champion Kendo (チャンピオン剣道) to the MSX section.
03-05-2019: Restored the 2mb 4mb internal slot expander article for the Hans Otten MSX Archive.
02-05-2019: Added sitemap.xml for
01-05-2019: Lay-out updates for
30-04-2019: Added Ashguine 1, 2 & 3 to the MSX section.
29-04-2019: Added 180 Darts!, Decathlon (デカスロン) & Super Cooks (スーパーコックス) to the MSX section.
28-04-2019: Added Empire City: 1931 (マグナム危機一髪 エンパイアシティー1931) to the MSX section.
27-04-2019: Added Catboy (仔猫の大冒険), Leonidas (闇の竜王ハデスの紋章) & Stone Of Wisdom (賢者の石) to the MSX section.
25-04-2019: Added Alpha Roid (アルファロイド) to the MSX section.
22-04-2019: Added Solid Snake / Metal Gear 2 | ソリッドスネークメタルギア2 Wii Virtual Console Japan Version to the MSX section.
21-04-2019: Added Solid Snake / Metal Gear 2 | ソリッドスネークメタルギア2 Wii Virtual Console English Version to the MSX section.
20-04-2019: Added Laydock 2 - Last Attack | レイドック2 to the MSX section.
17-04-2019: Supported Betty from El Salvador on Kiva.
17-04-2019: Supported Elo isa De Las Mercedes from Ecuador on Kiva.
15-04-2019: Fixed some broken links on &
14-04-2019: Thanks to Hans Otten I have been able to add all his files to
13-04-2019: Added Rick Dangerous to the Amiga section.
12-04-2019: Updated the Scripted Amiga Emulator to the most recent version.
11-04-2019: Added hotlink protection to the sites. Removed wget & HTTrack blocks.
10-04-2019: Added the Hans Otten MSX archive online at
08-04-2019: Updated XRacing to v1.05 in MSXdev.
06-04-2019: & are now on one server. CDN functionality removed due to instability.
04-04-2019: Added Trailblazer to MSX.
03-04-2019: A new record: a 6104W avarage for 5 mins today from my Solar Panels.
03-04-2019: Updated Quartet to v1.2 in MSXdev.
03-04-2019: Added Blow-Up to MSX.
31-03-2019: Moved to the same host/server as
27-03-2019: Splitted the archive into yearly sections and added a menu to the top-bar.
26-03-2019: Supported Yeh Alpha from Sierra Leone on Kiva.
22-03-2019: Supported Ej from Philippines on Kiva.
21-03-2019: now fully W3C compliant.
20-03-2019: Corrected some W3C errors on
29-03-2019: Did some Self SEO for Arnaud de Klerk to show my wannabe namesake how it's actually done.
17-03-2019: & are now using a CDN to increase speed of the websites worldwide.
17-03-2019: Added Xevious: Fardraut Saga (ゼビウスファードラウト伝説) to MSX.
16-03-2019: Added Robocop 2 to AMIGA.
16-03-2019: Updated Fony's Yellow Alert Demo to 50Hz in MSX.
13-03-2019: moved to a new webserver.
10-03-2019: Added Xyzolog (ザイゾログ), Chima Chima (妖怪探偵ちまちま) & PastFinder (パストファインダー) to MSX.
09-03-2019: Added Fony Easter Egg Demo visible to the MSX section. Go find the other Easter Egg.
06-03-2019: Added Micro Music v3.1 with all Micro Cabin BGM to MSX.
04-03-2019: Added Tetrinet (Tetris clone) & Girl's Garden (ガールズガーデン) to MSX.
03-03-2019: Added Bubble Rain (Bust-A-Move clone) & The Mon Mon Monster (悶々怪物) to MSX.
02-03-2019: Added Fantasm Soldier Valis (夢幻戦士ヴァリス) 1 & 2 & Magical Kid Wiz (魔法使いウィズ) to MSX.
01-03-2019: Updated B.C. II - Grog's Revenge (グロッグス・リベンジ) to a fixed version in MSX.
28-02-2019: Added Psycho World (サイコワールド), Strategic Mars (マース) & Undeadline (アンデッドライン) to MSX.
27-02-2019: Added Out Run ( アウトラン) & Nogalious to MSX.
26-02-2019: Added Sorcery to MSX.
26-02-2019: Updated Goal in MSXdev.
20-02-2019: Added Castlevania | 悪魔城ドラキュラ to MSX.
19-02-2019: Supported Mariana De Jesus from Ecuador on Kiva.
18-02-2019: Supported Yaoska Donatila from Nicaragua on Kiva.
17-02-2019: Added Goal to MSXdev.
14-02-2019: Added a .PDF of MSX Info #2 1987 with the BASIC listing of Vallende Sterren | Shooting Stars.
14-02-2019: Added Quartet to MSXdev.
12-02-2019: Added PWND3 Full Metal Snake to MSXdev.
11-02-2019: Added 3 disks with examples to Sakhr BASIC (صخر بيسيك).
10-02-2019: Updated the links to WebMSX & MSXDev to SSL.
10-02-2019: Added Jet Bomber, Bounder & Thing Bounces Back to MSX.
09-02-2019: Updated WebMSX on to v5.2 with support for small savestates & audio improvements.
08-02-2019: Added XRacing to MSXdev.
07-02-2019: Added Hydefos | ハイディフォス English to MSX.
07-02-2019: Added Barbarian The Duel to MSXdev.
06-02-2019: Added Come On! Picot | カモン!ピコ to MSX.
03-02-2019: Added English version of Vallende Sterren | Shooting Stars to MSX.
28-01-2019: Supported Primrose from Zimbabwe on Kiva.
22-01-2019: Updated various games to STEREO in MSX.
18-01-2019: Created a Music Disk with all Konami SCC Cartridges (Except Solid Snake) to enjoy in STEREO.
17-01-2019: Supported Lolita from Philippines on Kiva.
17-01-2019: Added Sky Jaguar STEREO with Voice Set & Double PSG to MSX.
16-01-2019: Updated WebMSX on to v5.1 with support for double PSG, Moonsound WAVE & Digital Joysticks.
15-01-2019: Updated Zanac-Ex Enhanced to v1.03 in MSX.
13-01-2019: Updated Virus LQP-79 in MSXdev to V1.1
13-01-2019: Splitted Sakhr BASIC (صخر بيسيك) and the normal Arabic BASIC with thanks to Lars18th.
11-01-2019: Updates keywords for &
07-01-2019: Updated Zanac-Ex Enhanced to v1.02 in MSX.
02-01-2019: Updated TGame 4 (Tetris Clone) in MSX to the 2019 version.
01-01-2019: Added Zanac-Ex Enhanced to MSX.