2020 Website Updates

30-12-2020MSXDev'21 kicks off!
28-12-2020BetterMSX is updated. Download the new Archive.
27-12-2020Supported Gladys Margarita from Montecristi, Ecuador on Kiva.
26-12-2020Fixed dates on file-hunter.com & arnauddeklerk.com.
23-12-2020Updated the Real Fun 3 SCC-I Music Tracker.
23-12-2020Added new technical documents to the technical download section.
20-12-2020Moved the WebMSX JS File to the Content Delivery Network.
19-12-2020Created a new torrent for download.file-hunter.com.
19-12-2020Created a new allfiles.txt for download.file-hunter.com.
12-12-2020Updated Bosconian SCC audio emulation settings.
11-12-2020Added Bosconian SCC to the MSX & download.file-hunter.com.
07-12-2020Now also hosting taylorsgames.file-hunter.com - Taylor's (MSX) Conversions.
06-12-2020Again added some rare Takeru software to download.file-hunter.com.
30-11-2020Supported Genisis Monserrate from Portoviejo, Ecuador on Kiva.
30-11-2020Supported Aldo David from Caaguazú, Paraguay on Kiva.
29-11-2020Added a bunch of CAS: files to the download.file-hunter.com MSX1 Cassette section.
28-11-2020Added a SHA-1 checksum-file to download.file-hunter.com.
22-11-2020Migrated www.arnauddeklerk.com to the new server.
22-11-2020Migrated www.file-hunter.com to the new server.
21-11-2020Migrated cx5m.file-hunter.com to the new server.
21-11-2020Migrated hansotten.file-hunter.com to the new server.
20-11-2020Migrated homebrew.file-hunter.com to the new server.
19-11-2020Migrated mp83.file-hunter.com to the new server.
18-11-2020Added Mahjong Suzume | 雀ボーグすずめ to the download.file-hunter.com.
17-11-2020Supported Velez Consuelo from Puerto López, Ecuador on Kiva.
15-11-2020Added PaRaDream to the homebrew section.
14-11-2020Migrated download.file-hunter.com to the new server.
12-11-2020Now available in the Google Playstore: Freedom Fighter.
12-11-2020download.file-hunter.com will have some downtime soon due to server migration.
07-11-2020Updated the MSX2 Disk section on download.file-hunter.com.
07-11-2020Created an Android App of Freedom Fighter. It should be in the Play Store soon.
01-11-2020Added Popeye RC1 to the MSX Section.
28-10-2020Updated the .ROM files for the MSX.FILE-HUNTER.COM Gr8net Server.
28-10-2020Added a lot of MSX-DOS versions to the OS download section.
28-10-2020Added a Beta version of Farty Pig to the homebrew section.
27-10-2020Added Dig Dug | ディグダグ to the MSX Section.
26-10-2020Made an introduction page for the MSX.FILE-HUNTER.COM Gr8net Server.
26-10-2020Limited access to the Gr8net server to MSX computers only.
25-10-2020Our Gr8net server is up & running. Visit MSX.FILE-HUNTER.COM with your MSX!
25-10-2020Launched the NO-URL Twitter app to convert your URL's to a non Hyperlinkable text!
25-10-2020Updated the Real Fun 3 SCC-I Music Tracker.
25-10-2020Added MSX ViewCALC to the download section.
24-10-2020Started setting up a Gr8net server. More details to follow soon.
21-10-2020Added Atalanta to the homebrew section.
20-10-2020Added a trial version of Real Fun 3 SCC-I Music Tracker to the homebrew section.
19-10-2020Published the Top Played Games for the File-Hunter.com MSX Android App.
19-10-2020MILESTONE: 5000 installs for the File-Hunter.com MSX Android App.
18-10-2020Supported Maria Angeles from Manta, Ecuador on Kiva.
17-10-2020Added Formula - Super Disk Backup Tool to the download section.
13-10-2020Added various versions of MSX Logo to the Programming Language section.
11-10-2020Updated allfiles.txt for download.file-hunter.com.
11-10-2020Updated Feedback to a fully patched version.
11-10-2020Added various games to download.file-hunter.com.
06-10-2020Updated profile picture on File-Hunter.com's Facebook Page.
04-10-2020Hex-Edited Oh Shit! like I was 14.
04-10-2020Registered www.mariekedeklerk.nl.
02-10-2020Updated lay-out mp83.file-hunter.com.
30-09-2020Updated LostWord - Episode 0 to the English version.
28-09-2020Supported Gabriela Karina from Portoviejo, Ecuador on Kiva.
27-09-2020Added a bunch of German MSX Books to the download section.
27-09-2020Added Roller to the homebrew section.
26-09-2020Now also hosting mp83.file-hunter.com.
26-09-2020Updated Fighters Ragnarök & Knight Lore to Turbo-R mode.
25-09-2020Added Lawn Mower to the homebrew section.
24-09-2020Added Billy The Finder to the homebrew section.
20-09-2020Updated MSX in a Row to the fixed version.
20-09-2020Updated XAK 3 Tower of Gazzle (English) to Turbo-R mode.
19-09-2020Added Rabbian (CAS) & MSX Pasocalc (ROM) to the Download section.
18-09-2020Updated Cmjn, Just Another Snake Game & Libreway.
12-09-2020Fixed the Easter Egg 2 Demo to run correctly on MSX1.
06-09-2020Added LostWord - Episode 0 to the homebrew section.
05-09-2020Changed some settings to make games run in Turbo-R mode in the MSX Section.
04-09-2020Updated the File-Hunter.com MSX Android App to v8.3.1.2 to solve the "Fatal Error" caused by the incompetent people of Website2APK
03-09-2020Fixed a lay-out issue on the EasterEgg pages.
02-09-2020Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.9.
02-09-2020Updated Block Puzzle to v1.3.
01-09-2020Published the Top Played Games August 2020.
25-08-2020Updated Anchors Aweigh to v0.2.
24-08-2020Added a new Easter Egg to File-Hunter.com. Happy Hunting!
22-08-2020Updated Pacific to v1.2.4.
22-08-2020Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.8.
22-08-2020Added Dragon's Eye Super Shanghai | スーパー上海ドラゴンズアイ to the MSX Section.
21-08-2020Updated Mr. Ghost | 幽霊君 to the English version.
20-08-2020Added The Fairyland Story to the MSX Section.
15-08-2020Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.7.
13-08-2020Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.6.
10-08-2020Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.5.
09-08-2020Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.4.
07-08-2020Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.3.
03-08-2020Updated the File-Hunter.com MSX Android App to v7.3.1.2.
02-08-2020Published the Top Played Games July 2020.
02-08-2020Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.2.
30-07-2020Updated Freedom Fighter to v1.1.
30-07-2020Updated Abbaye Des Morts to v1.2.
30-07-2020Updated Pacific to v1.2.0.
29-07-2020Added Anchors Aweigh! to the MSXdev section.
29-07-2020Updated Witch Day to v1.1.
29-07-2020Updated Block Puzzle to v1.2.
29-07-2020Updated Pacific to v1.1.0.
29-07-2020Added Freedom Fighter to the MSXdev section.
28-07-2020Added Pacific to the MSXdev section.
28-07-2020Added Abbaye Des Morts to the MSXdev section.
28-07-2020Updated Raftoid to v1.1.
28-07-2020Updated Block Puzzle to v1.1.
28-07-2020Updated Relevo's Snowboarding to v1.01.
26-07-2020Updated Block Puzzle to v1.1.
24-07-2020Added Witch Day to the MSXdev section.
22-07-2020Added SPC Super HOOPS to the MSXdev section.
22-07-2020Added Block Puzzle to the MSXdev section.
21-07-2020Updated Raftoid to the ROM version.
20-07-2020Updated The Menace from Triton to v1.1.
19-07-2020Added Relevo's Snowboarding to the MSXdev section.
19-07-2020Updated Google Play registration for the File-Hunter.com MSX Android App.
18-07-2020Added Raftoid to the MSXdev section.
18-07-2020Added Cuncuna to the MSXdev section.
16-07-2020Added Caravan Boomer to the homebrew section.
16-07-2020My File-Hunter.com MSX Android App made it to a Russian 8-BIT newssite.
16-07-2020Updated The Menace from Triton to v1.0.2.
15-07-2020Added Stupid Martians to the MSXdev section.
14-07-2020Updated The Menace from Triton to v1.0.1.
13-07-2020Added The Menace from Triton to the MSXdev section.
13-07-2020Updated the File-Hunter.com MSX Android App to v6.3.1.2.
12-07-2020Updated Golvellius II to the WOOMB translation.
11-07-2020Added Litter Box to the MSXdev section.
11-07-2020Updated Dot Attack to v2.
09-07-2020Over 1000 installs of the File-Hunter.com MSX Android app!
08-07-2020Updated allfiles.txt in the download.file-hunter.com section.
07-07-2020Added MSX Info Blad Magazines to the Downloads section.
04-07-2020Added the MSX Gids Disks to the Downloads section.
02-07-2020Added Landing to the MSXdev section.
01-07-2020Published the Top Played Games June 2020.
30-06-2020Added the English translation of Dead of the Brain to the Downloads section.
28-06-2020Added over Extra Game Levels to the Downloads section.
27-06-2020Added over 450 Maps to the Downloads section.
24-06-2020Added Champion Billiards to the homebrew section.
21-06-2020Added new games to the TSX section.
20-06-2020Checked & corrected the archives in the Demos section.
16-06-2020Changed color of the hamburger menu in the File-Hunter.com MSX Android app.
15-06-2020Removed Facebook link in File-Hunter.com MSX Android app.
14-06-2020Created an allfiles.txt for the download.file-hunter.com section.
13-06-2020Added the MSX Club Basic Compiler Manual to the download.file-hunter.com section.
12-06-2020Over 500 installs of the File-Hunter.com MSX Android app!
11-06-2020Added Continental by Technopolis Soft to the download.file-hunter.com section.
09-06-2020Updated Los Amores de Brunilda by Retroworks to v1.01.
06-06-2020Created a new Torrent file for the full download.file-hunter.com archive.
01-06-2020Published the Top Played Games May 2020.
30-05-2020Added an MSX font to File-Hunter.com MSX Android App.
29-05-2020Added a hamburger menu to File-Hunter.com MSX Android App.
28-05-2020Added a lot of Magazines to the Download section.
25-05-2020Added Zone Terra to the homebrew section.
24-05-2020Changed the FHMSX Color Scheme to GREEN.
22-05-2020Updated Micro Music in the homebrew section.
21-05-2020Forced Screen ON in File-Hunter.com MSX Android app.
20-05-2020Updated the File-Hunter.com MSX Android app in the Google Play Store .
19-05-2020Added the Penguin Adventure Manual to the Download section.
18-05-2020Updated the File-Hunter.com MSX Android App to FHMSX v3.1.2.
17-05-2020Supported San Antonio Group from Paraguari, Paraguay on Kiva.
16-05-2020Added Metal Gear Remix v1.995 SCC Version to the MSX section.
16-05-2020Added Metal Gear Remix v1.995 to the Download section.
15-05-2020Updated Sub Commander in the MSXdev section.
12-05-2020Corrected some errors in the MSXdev section.
10-05-2020Added Yazzie MSX Remastered to the MSXdev section.
07-05-2020Updated the File-Hunter.com MSX Android App.
07-05-2020Blocked a direct link to Metal Gear which was coming from Second Life.
04-05-2020Supported Mujeres Unidas Group from San Lorenzo, Paraguay on Kiva.
03-05-2020Added Zakil Wood MSX2+ to the homebrew section.
02-05-2020Added New Adam & Eve to the MSX section.
01-05-2020Published the Top Played Games April 2020.
28-04-2020Added a Manuals section.
27-04-2020Added a lot of Spanish MSX books to the Download section.
26-04-2020Added Sub Commander to the MSXdev section.
25-04-2020Added Gulkave to the MSX section.
20-04-2020Added 3D Maze to the homebrew section.
17-04-2020Supported Gabriela Valentina from Manta, Ecuador on Kiva.
16-04-2020Launched the File-Hunter.com MSX Android App.
16-04-2020I won the 1st place in the BASIC 10 Liner Contest 2020 | Public Choice with my entry Shooting Stars!
11-04-2020Started working on a File-Hunter.com MSX Android App.
10-04-2020Replaced Time Bandits with a fixed version.
09-04-2020Added The Queen's Footsteps to the homebrew section.
07-04-2020Added Alien Attack to the homebrew section.
06-04-2020Finalized the MSX BASIC 10 Liner contest disk.
05-04-2020Added Paint It to the homebrew section.
04-04-2020Added CLS to the homebrew section.
03-04-2020Finished moving games from the MSX section to the homebrew section.
02-04-2020Supported Ivanna Itati from Portoviejo, Ecuador on Kiva.
01-04-2020Published the Top Played Games March 2020.
29-03-2020Updated CRT Filters on some pages in the homebrew & MSX section.
28-03-2020Updated the MSX Entries of the BASIC 10 Liner contest disk.
28-03-2020Updated WebMSX to v6.0.3 on all sites & domains.
27-03-2020Added 3,4, LR & May The Force Be With you to the homebrew section.
26-03-2020Added Twinlight to the homebrew section.
22-03-2020Fixed an .html error on the MSX pages.
21-03-2020Added Illusions (English) to the MSX section.
20-03-2020Added Numberman to the homebrew section.
17-03-2020Supported Rebecca from Kasoa, Ghana on Kiva.
17-03-2020Updated WebMSX to v6.0.2 on all sites & domains.
16-03-2020Updated WebMSX to v6.0.1 on all sites & domains.
16-03-2020Added MSX in a Row to the homebrew section.
13-03-2020Updated WebMSX to v6.0 on all sites & domains. Enjoy Dreams Puzzle .
12-03-2020Added L'Affaire German to the MSX section.
06-03-2020Added Fighter's Ragnarök English to the MSX section.
04-03-2020Updated the scrollbar in the homebrew, MSX, MSXdev & Arabic section.
03-03-2020Supported Bronwin from Honiara, Solomon Islands on Kiva.
02-03-2020Added ChAleX - The Little Nuclear Robot to the homebrew section.
01-03-2020Launch of https://www.file-hunter.com/Homebrew.
01-03-2020Published the Top Played Games February 2020.
29-02-2020Added the Dutch, Spanish & French versions of L'Affaire.
27-02-2020Added Jäästä by Uninteresting to the MSXdev section.
26-02-2020Added Knightmare Gold v2.0 to the MSX section.
23-02-2020Please vote for my 10 Liner Basic Entry by liking THIS TWEET.
21-02-2020Updated the MSX Entries of the BASIC 10 Liner contest disk.
19-02-2020Supported Santa Monica Group from Ciudad del Este, Paraguay on Kiva.
18-02-2020Added the MSX Entries of the BASIC 10 Liner contest to the Homebrew section.
17-02-2020Supported Genesis Marisol from Portoviejo, Ecuador on Kiva.
16-02-2020Finished re-sorting the SCC/Enhanced versions of various games in the MSX section.
15-02-2020Published the Top Played Games January 2020.
11-02-2020Entered the BASIC 10 Liner contest with a 10 Line version of Shooting Stars.
09-02-2020https://download.file-hunter.com is now also available on an IPv6 address.
06-02-2020Added Bank Panic | バンクパニック & Westbank to the MSX section.
02-02-2020Added the first MSXdev 2020 release Dot Attack by NOP to the MSXdev section.
31-01-2020Created a StarShip Rendezvous Slideshow for MSX1, 2 & 2+.
30-01-2020Fixed StarShip Rendezvous | スターシップランデブー.
30-01-2020Removed MSX Rating from all sites.
29-01-2020Supported Faridah from Bombo, Uganda on Kiva.
26-01-2020Created a new Torrent file for the full download.file-hunter.com archive.
25-01-2020Added Crusader | クルゼーダー to the MSX section.
23-01-2020Added Who Dares Wins MSX2 to the MSX section.
22-01-2020download.file-hunter.com now has a fiber connection, so higher speeds!
17-01-2020Supported Damaris from San Luis de Since, Colombia on Kiva.
16-01-2020Started re-sorting the SCC/Enhanced versions of various games in the MSX section.
11-01-2020Added Wonderboy | Master Takahashis Adventure Island | 高橋名人の冒険島 & Tina's Adventure Island to the MSX section.
06-01-2020Added Illusion City | 幻影都市 English to the MSX section.
05-01-2020Updated Eggbert to a HDD Version.
04-01-2020Updated WebMSX to 5.4.4 after this bug was solved.
04-01-2020Added the Philips MSX2 Demo to the MSX section.
03-01-2020Added 2 Hi-Res scans (1, 2) of Philips MSX posters to to download.file-hunter.com.
02-01-2020Fixed non-secure (SSL) links on https://hansotten.file-hunter.com.
01-01-2020Added Vectroids to the MSX section.
01-01-2020The best wishes for 2020!!!