26-01-2021: Updated Alien Attack to v1.06.
25-01-2021: Updated allfiles.txt for
25-01-2021: Updated SHA-1 checksum-file for
21-01-2021: Updated the Fony Section of
20-01-2021: Fixed some links in
20-01-2021: Updated The Storekeeper in the Homebrew Section.
19-01-2021: Moved websites from HDD -> SSD.
17-01-2021: Added a new English Translation of Fantasm Soldier Valis II to the MSX & download section.
17-01-2021: Supported Gilda Xiomara from Montecristi, Ecuador on Kiva.
17-01-2021: Added Stevedore Demo Version to the Homebrew Section.
16-01-2021: Now also hosting
16-01-2021: Added Puzzle Mania to the Homebrew Section.
16-01-2021: Added Double Dragon Zemina to the MSX Section.
15-01-2021: Added Double Dragon Plus to the MSX Section.
13-01-2021: Added Cross Bomber, Cross Chase, Cross Shoot & Cross Snake to the Homebrew Section.
12-01-2021: Upload speed increased to 700Mb/s.
11-01-2021: Added a small Tag Cloud to improve SEO.
10-01-2021: Merged BetterMSX with the normal Game ROMs on
09-01-2021: Added Earth Attack to the Homebrew Section.
07-01-2021: Changed http->https from a 302 (temporary) to a 302 (permanent) redirect on all (sub-)domains.
04-01-2021: Moved the Amiga Emulator to the CDN.
03-01-2021: Again blocked the Second Life Browser, because of deeplinking to my content.
03-01-2021: Small lay-out updates.
01-01-2021: Posted the Top Lists for 2020 on
01-01-2021: MSX Games app is now also using the CDN for the FHMSX Emulator.
01-01-2021: The Best wishes for 2021!!