2023 Website Updates

02-06-2023Added Flubber In The Upside Down World to the MSXDev Section.
18-05-2023Supported Maribel De La Asuncion from Ecuador on Kiva.
18-05-2023Supported Maria Monserrate from Ecuador on Kiva.
18-05-2023Supported Bahtiyor from Khujand, Tajikistan on Kiva.
18-05-2023Supported Paula Andrea from Colombia on Kiva.
18-05-2023Added a review for VIN's Gastrobar in Bavel.
12-05-2023Updated Martian War to v1.1.
08-05-2023Added Star Soldier | スターソルジャー with Smooth Scroll & OPLL to the MSX Section.
04-05-2023Updated the allfiles.txt for the Download Section .
04-05-2023Fixed some of the dates in the footers of file-hunter.com.
04-05-2023Added Martian War to the MSXDev Section.
30-04-2023Fixed a bunch of redirects & meta-tags.
28-04-2023Added Cadari's Fair to the Homebrew Section.
28-04-2023Added a review for Brasserie Rembramdt in Teteringen.
23-04-2023Added a review for Restaurant Sjef's Table in Rijen.
22-04-2023Added 2 MSX dedicated Technopolis Mook Magazines to the Downloads Section.
22-04-2023Supported Marjona from Muminobod, Tajikistan on Kiva.
22-04-2023Supported Hellen's Group from Kenya on Kiva.
17-04-2023Supported Paul's Group from Teso, Kenya on Kiva.
17-04-2023Supported Maria Noemy from Ecuador on Kiva.
17-04-2023Supported Yelitza Geraldine from Ecuador on Kiva.
17-04-2023Supported Olusheno from Namibia on Kiva to finance a Solar Home System.
17-04-2023Updated Sacred Valley to the 2023 version.
13-04-2022Added Model D AI Inspirations to the Homebrew Section.
13-04-2022Updated the Level 9 games: PLAY & DOWNLOAD.
12-04-2023Added Mad House in the MSXDev Section.
10-04-2023Just created an account at Mage Space.
08-04-2023Published a blog: Cooking and Engineering: The Importance of Quality Components.
07-04-2023Created a profile on TripAdvisor
02-04-2023Updated MSX Games File-Hunter.com App to v10(3.1.2) targeting API 33.
01-04-2023File-Hunter.com & FONY will have a booth at MSX GOTO 40.
31-03-2023Supported Carlos Eduardo from Lime, Peru on Kiva.
31-03-2023Supported Vagi from Papua New Guinea on Kiva.
31-03-2023Added Bad Apple for MSX2 to My Youtube Channel.
30-03-2023Added a review for Restaurant Balijepark in De Meern.
27-03-2023Added Final Fantasy English in the MSX Section.
27-03-2023Added a review for Markant in Breda.
26-03-2023Added a review for Zand & Klei in Breda.
25-03-2023Added a review for The Streetfood Club in Breda.
25-03-2023Added a review for The Social Hub in Eindhoven.
24-03-2023Added the Spanish MSX magazine Call MSX.
23-03-2023Monthly update to msxscans.file-hunter.com.
23-03-2023Speed & maximum threads limited for msxscans.file-hunter.com.
21-03-2023Added Science Fiction | الخيال العلمي in the Arabic Section.
17-03-2023Supported Niño Jesus Group from Paraguay on Kiva.
17-03-2023Supported Bakatra from Togo on Kiva.
17-03-2023Supported Narcisa Michelle from Ecuador on Kiva.
16-03-2023My tweets become toots on @arnauddeklerk@mastodon.online.
15-03-2023Updated sitemap with correct information about the videos for better SEO.
15-03-2023Updated some of the transparant pictures with higher quality rescaled versions.
13-03-2023Added Super Ory 2 - Enigma in the MSXDev Section.
13-03-2023Updated Tower Of Damnation to v1.2.
10-03-2023Supported Sagrada Familia Group from Paraguay on Kiva.
10-03-2023Updated Uchu Yohei to v1.2
09-03-2023Supported Lady Cecibel from Ecuador on Kiva.
08-03-2023Added Pearl Rain in the MSXDev Section.
08-03-2023Added Fruit Panic in the MSX Section.
07-03-2023Updated Tower Of Damnation to v1.1.
05-03-2023Donated Prize Money to MSXDev'23 from the Donations to File-Hunter.com.
05-03-2023Huge Update in the Portuguese / Brasilian Books Section.
04-03-2023Updated firmwares of the File-Hunter.com network devices.
02-03-2023Added Uchu Yohei in the MSXDev Section.
28-02-2023Added Tower Of Damnation in the MSXDev Section.
26-02-2023Updated Pentacorn Quest to v1.1.
26-02-2023Supported Khardiatou from Senegal on Kiva.
26-02-2023Added a review for Restaurant Zeste in Zevenbergen.
24-02-2023Updated the QR-Code on the Donation Page so it works in Dark-Mode as well.
23-02-2023Published a blog: LoRa or NB-IoT? That is the question.
21-02-2023Added Pentacorn Quest in the MSXDev Section.
21-02-2023Added Gelatino 2 in the Homebrew Section.
19-02-2023Fixed some minor bugs in the new lay-out & Re-installed caching on main domains.
18-02-2023Replaced various logos with better scaled versions & transparency settings.
17-02-2023Supported Esperanza Maria from Ecuador on Kiva.
17-02-2023Supported Emilia Nayeli from Ecuador on Kiva.
15-02-2023Added a review for Salon de Provence in Breda.
15-02-2023New English documents to repairbas.file-hunter.com.
12-02-2023Published a blog: Industrial PCs vs Normal PCs.
12-02-2023Published a blog: Website/Server Security.
12-02-2023Started a Blog on Industrial & Embedded Electonics & Computing.
10-02-2023Added a Realfun section in the Download Section.
09-02-2023Updated Bad Apple in the Homebrew Section.
09-02-2023Uploaded Bad Apple to Youtube.
04-02-2023Updated Sales Discontinued to build 13667 in the MSXDev Section.
03-02-2023New Lay-Out for arnauddeklerk.com.
03-02-2023New Lay-Out for file-hunter.com.
29-01-2023Added a review for Dames Pellens in Breda.
29-01-2023Upgraded Hydlide 3 to the FM-Audio version.
29-01-2023There is an interview with me in the new Moai-Tech Magazine.
28-01-2023Massive updates to the ROM sections of download.file-hunter.com.
25-01-2023Added a review for Eetcafé Pieter in Dorst.
25-01-2023Increased image quality of the carousel using AI on repairbas.file-hunter.com.
24-01-2023New Lay-out for download.file-hunter.com & help.file-hunter.com.
24-01-2023Added the first English documents to repairbas.file-hunter.com.
18-01-2023Supported Libita from Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines on Kiva.
18-01-2023Supported Elena Doraliza from Ecuador on Kiva.
18-01-2023Supported Paulina Beatriz from Ecuador on Kiva.
18-01-2023Supported Juana Valentina from Ecuador on Kiva.
18-01-2023Supported Carlina Del Rocio from Ecuador on Kiva.
15-01-2023A new website for repairbas.file-hunter.com, made by Bugreport.nl.
15-01-2023Added a review for Honyun Oriental Plaza.
14-01-2023Added a review for Vin's Bar in Bavel.
10-01-2023Updated Lilly's Saga to v1.2 in the MSXDev Section.
09-01-2023File-Hunter.com is now also hosting the MSX Scans Project.
07-01-2023Updated date-settings for the open directories.
07-01-2023Updated logo & slideshow on repairbas.file-hunter.com.
04-01-2023Supported Virginia Eulalia from Ecuador on Kiva.
04-01-2023Supported Dolores Michelle from Ecuador on Kiva.
02-01-2023Added another 100 new titles to the TSX Section.
02-01-2023Now also hosting raymondmsx.nl. Ray2Day's MSX Page.
02-01-2023Started working on the English version of repairbas.file-hunter.com.
01-01-2023Added another 40 new titles to the TSX Section.
01-01-2023Added 10 Seconds Warning Demo Version to the Homebrew section.
01-01-2023The Best wishes for 2023!!