2023 Website Updates

04-02-2023Updated Sales Discontinued to build 13667 in the MSXDev Section.
03-02-2023New Lay-Out for arnauddeklerk.com.
03-02-2023New Lay-Out for file-hunter.com.
29-01-2023Added a review for Dames Pellens in Breda.
29-01-2023Upgraded Hydlide 3 to the FM-Audio version.
29-01-2023There is an interview with me in the new Moai-Tech Magazine.
28-01-2023Massive updates to the ROM sections of download.file-hunter.com.
25-01-2023Added a review for Eetcafé Pieter in Dorst.
25-01-2023Increased image quality of the carousel using AI on repairbas.file-hunter.com.
24-01-2023New Lay-out for download.file-hunter.com & help.file-hunter.com.
24-01-2023Added the first English documents to repairbas.file-hunter.com.
18-01-2023Supported Libita from Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines on Kiva.
18-01-2023Supported Elena Doraliza from Ecuador on Kiva.
18-01-2023Supported Paulina Beatriz from Ecuador on Kiva.
18-01-2023Supported Juana Valentina from Ecuador on Kiva.
18-01-2023Supported Carlina Del Rocio from Ecuador on Kiva.
15-01-2023A new website for repairbas.file-hunter.com, made by Bugreport.nl.
15-01-2023Added a review for Honyun Oriental Plaza.
14-01-2023Added a review for Vin's Bar in Bavel.
10-01-2023Updated Lilly's Saga to v1.2 in the MSXDev Section.
09-01-2023File-Hunter.com is now also hosting the MSX Scans Project.
07-01-2023Updated date-settings for the open directories.
07-01-2023Updated logo & slideshow on repairbas.file-hunter.com.
04-01-2023Supported Virginia Eulalia from Ecuador on Kiva.
04-01-2023Supported Dolores Michelle from Ecuador on Kiva.
02-01-2023Added another 100 new titles to the TSX Section.
02-01-2023Now also hosting raymondmsx.nl. Ray2Day's MSX Page.
02-01-2023Started working on the English version of repairbas.file-hunter.com.
01-01-2023Added another 40 new titles to the TSX Section.
01-01-2023Added 10 Seconds Warning Demo Version to the Homebrew section.
01-01-2023The Best wishes for 2023!!